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Welcome Racers!

Our Flat Track Racing Accessories division designs and produces a complete range of custom flat track dirt bike products for both expert and amateur competition.

Let our decades of racing experience give you the competitive edge!

Kawasaki Ninja 650 - FLAT TRACK STYLE!!!
Contact Jerry @ 641-459-2212 for more information

Frame for Yamaha 250 or 350 Twin - 1970 and up

Bikes with our Products
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Adjustable Fork Clamps for Modern Bikes
These fork clamps are made for Modern Bikes with a 8 1/2" center. Adjustable offsets range from 15 through 40. Each offset insert is design with 2 offset measurements. The clamps will come with one pair of centered offsets and a second pair of offsets. Additional offsets sold separately.

Adjustable Fork Clamps that drop 1" for Modern Bikes with up-side-down forks
These Special fork clamps are made where the top clamp drops 1" down to accomoddate shorter fork tubes (27 1/2"). Adjustable offsets range from 45 through 75. Each offset insert is design with 2 offset measurements. The clamps will come with one pair of centered offsets and a second pair of offsets. Additional offsets sold separately.

Clutch Components  :  

Improve your clutch performance and life with our new clutch assembly.  This clutch assembly provides a smoother clutch engagement. Upgrade your current clutch from a 7-friction/6-steel to 8-frictionr/7 steel plates. This will improve the gripping power of the clutch.

Modern Bike Parts  :  
Honda® CRF450, Suzuki® RMZ450, Yamaha® YZF450/YZF426, Kawasaki® KX450, KTM® 450 Products

A new line of products specifically designed for the modern bikes. Specifically designed to utilize your bike’s original equipment and provide for easy adjustments.

New Product Line includes: 
Fork ClampsQuick Change Wheels
Front Axle Center AdaptersQuick Change Adapter Kit
Front TT HubShortened Swing Arm
Lowering Foot peg Conversion (right-side)

Quick Change Adapter & Quick Change Wheel Combo  :  

Save Money Now!!  The Quick Change Adapter Kit combined with a Quick Change Wheel (using your own standard Honda®, Suzuki®, Yamaha®, Kawasaki®, or KTM® 19" rear wheel rim) not only saves you money, but also gives the racer a time advantage when time matters during the race.

$ 680.00 set

Front Axle Center Adapters

The tube center axle adapter relocates the front wheel's axle so it will line up directly with the standard Honda®, Suzuki®, Yamaha®, Kawasaki®, or KTM® fork tubes. Simple to install and includes all mounting hardware, axle, and wheel spacers. Works in conjunction with a factory 19" wheel. For the geometry of this to work, we only recommend this adapter if you have fork clamps with 68mm-75mm offsets.
There is a bracket available to hold your front disk caliper which is sold separately for $25.00

$ 260.00 set

Variety of Spools, Hubs, Spacers, Axles & Knock-Off Collars  :  

We have created a strong range of Spools, Hubs, Spacers, and Axles. Please visit either the Front Wheel Products page or the Rear Wheel Products page detailed specifications to let you choose the exact components which best satisfies your need.

We use a 6061 aluminum alloy that is strong, light and has wonderful machining characteristics. This aerospace grade alloy allows us to craft to the fine tolerances essential for that extra competitive edge.

Wheel Assembly  :  

Front Wheel Assemblies are also available in various sizes and come with 15mm, 17mm, or 20mm sealed bearings.

Rear Wheel Assemblies are available in both 18" & 19" sizes for 32, 36 or 40 spokes.  Arrives pre-assembled, laced and trued-up. Assembly includes the rim, spokes and center hub with 25mm sealed bearings.

Mini Bike Wheel Assemblies both front and Quick Change rear wheels are available in either 16" or 17".

Adjustable and Fixed (non-adjustable) Fork Assembly & Products  :  

Fork assemblies and individual components are available for both Modern and Vintage race bikes.  Our fork clamps are designed with various offsets to provide the rider a more rigid fork steering response. Please refer to the Fork Assembly & Products page for detailed information.

Brake Assembly, Products & Foot Pegs  :  

Products specifically catering to both Grimeca™ and Nissin™ master cylinders. The kit comes with the bracket, disc, hydraulics, cables & attachment hardware. Also available are footrest plates, footrests and brake levers.

Please visit the Brakes Product page for more details.

Swing Arms and Swing Arm Components  :  

Get better hook-up by modifying your swing arm.

Racing Frames  :  
We have been fabricating flat track racing frames since the 1960's.

Cheney frames are available for:
    Modern Bikes:         Vintage Bikes:
    Honda CRF450 / 250         Triumph BSA 250, 441, or 650         Honda CB350
    Yamaha YZF450 / 250         Triumph 650         Honda CL72
    Kawasaki KXF450         Triumph 500 (Sonic Weld Style)         Rotax 500 or 600
    Suzuki RMZ450         Yamaha TT500         XR 500 or XR 600
    KTM 450         Yamaha XS650/750         ...and more...

Our frames are made from 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing and can be powder coated.
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